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22 May 2011 @ 09:56 am
I guess Jesus decided to call the whole thing off at the last minute, in a manner presumably similar to a twelve year old trying to throw a surprise party and giving up because "you totally spoiled the surprise, you jerk!" right before kicking Harold Whats-his-name in the shins and running off.

On another topic, God it's weird to be back. I'm pretty sure I would have run out of words on Facebook by now, and it's making me surprisingly happy that I can rabbit on for (mostly) as long as I like. Also, wouldn't it totally be something-like-irony-but-not-quite if I started up my LJ again and then the Rapture happened?

Okay, what's new in my life . . . well, what isn't? Found out I liked girls (or rather, one particular girl, who may be joining Lifejournal in her own time), moved out of the spare room of my BFF, had a massive blowing out with aforementioned BFF (very long, very tedious story about cutting and attention-seeking behaviours, just pretend I whined in your ear for an hour about Histrionic Personality Disorder) and moved into a gorgeous one-bedroom flat with also aforementioned girlfriend. It's so beautiful -we're one of eight different flats that used to be an old homestead, but got divided up into individual spaces. I love Old Queenslanders so much.

Fandom-wise, I'm kinda obsessed with Final Fantasy VII, especially since I've gotten massively into cosplay (can't remember if that happened before or after I lost internet). I'm the photographer for the Cosplay Brigade and all the pictures here without a watermark were taken by yours truly. (That's the GF's Devianart, tell me what you think of her Reno ;D)

I have a feeling this is kinda a convoluted mess of an info-dump, but all I can do is throw myself on the mercy of the court and promise that I'll get back in the swing, eventually . . . And also, that I intend to finish the Twilight MST, I swear. I refuse to leave that beast un-assailed. Hopefully, hating Twilight hasn't become obsolete just yet ^^;

So how's y'all doin'? Seriously though, what's been happening with everyone? How're all your fandoms doing? And . . . *looks down* Wait, how're you supposed to repost to Twitter? In a million 140-character chunks? New LJ is going to take some getting used to, methinks.
The natives are: chipperchipper